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  • Nectar of Instruction Class, Sri Upadesamrta

    7 members Latest Activity: Nov 24, 2016

    Assigned reading of complete Nectar of Instruction, Sri Upadesamrta, open discussion, one short essay, two mid-term…

  • My Mother the Cow

    5 members Latest Activity: Dec 23, 2015

    We all have seven mothers. The cow is one of them. This group will study the Holy Cow.


  • Brahmana varna

    9 members Latest Activity: Sep 22, 2016

    Brahmanas, fire sacrifices, mantras,etc

  • Sannyasa Ashrama

    2 members Latest Activity: May 12, 2012 For sannyasis and their admirers.

  • Poojari's Rooms

    5 members Latest Activity: Mar 16, 2015 To show photos, videos, share knowledge, mantras, brahmincal training assist, how to do poojas. etc.

  • Ancient Egypt and Vedic Civilization

    5 members Latest Activity: Nov 19, 2015 This group explores similarities and differences in the two greatest ancient civilizations.

  • Krishna College

    3 members Latest Activity: on Monday

    Krishna College will offer video lectures on major texts and themes in Krishna Consciousness. Completion of each course will earn a Certificate,…

  • Bhakti Sastri degree grad. class seminar

    7 members Latest Activity: Sep 8, 2014

    Worth one of 10 full course credits in the Bhakti Sastri 10 x  8-month-long courses degree program, onsite.

    This one can be taken at any…

  • Paranormal

    9 members Latest Activity: Aug 10, 2016

    A place for the Devotees that are interested in studies of the Paranormal.

  • How To; Online Bhakta Program

    6 members Latest Activity: Feb 23, 2016

    SP's instructions for daily activities in Krsna consciousness. Members are advised to join…

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