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Beans, Bullets, and Bhagavad-gitas

PAMHO AGTSP!!!!!  I have been peeking in, but not participating. A lot has been going on in my life, maya-wise.  My workplace received a new manager, who felt I was too slow filling bread, so I was bumped back to cashier. Then a whole bunch of people left, and a whole bunch of others were fired.  My hours have been all over, literally. So it has been hard to set aside time, when I don't know when I will be working, or not.  I just wanted to point out though, that there are many fabulous resources out there to keep up KC.... There are numerous chanting videos on youtube, you can download many japa apps for when you can't carry beads, Vanipedia is also an app, but costs.  There is even a Krishna Aarti app!  If you have children or grandchildren, there are various coloring pages available free, as well as many small devotee toy businesses, and game startups.  Computers are maya, but we have to use them in service of Krishna. 

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Comment by Tamohara d co-tp. Editor Bh.S on Monday

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