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Saligrama - Shree Saligramam sila - Lord Vishnu Saligramas.

Saligrama - Shree Saligramam sila - Lord Vishnu Saligramas.

Lord Vishnu (Krishna) Saligrama - Saligrama is also Known as Saligramam sila,Saligramamam,Saligram,Salagram or Saligrama. Saligrama is  Lord vishnu himself found only in stone form(murthy form in kaligandaki river in nepal),this page includes the details info ,collection of saligrams.


Saligrama is Supreme Avatar of Lord Vishnu in Form of Holy Stone named as Saligrama.All Sacred Saligrama Stone is Found only in Gandaki River,Nepal.While Worshipping Saligrama,Tulasi leaves is offered to Saligrama(lord vishnu),Tulasi devi is offered as Signifying Goddess Lakshmi.

In Hindu Devotee house mostly Nepal and India,Tulasi vivaha or Literally known as  'Tulasi Marriage Ceremony' is Celibrated  with Saligramam is conducted- sort of Kalyanotsavam for Saligrmam and Tulasi.

The Sacred Gandaki river where Saligramam stone is Found and Collected for Worship is also known as Krishna Gandaki or kali gandaki river which lies in Mustang district in Near Muktinath temple. Nepal Where saligrama is found is Home of Lord vishnu and mostly hindu Populous country.

Related Questions - Saligramam or Saligrama sila

1 - Which other Colours does saligrama stone is Found ? Is Saligrama only Black Stone?

No ,Saligrama sila Stone is Found in Any Colours but mostly 99 % percent as Black Colours in Appearance. White Colours are Rare. Black Colours Saligrama is also Scared  and Rare but worshipped by mostly all Devotee. Red Colours Saligrama is not Worshipped in house and we should not worship red Saligramas.

2 - Where is Saligrama available or Found?

- Except Gandaki River  in Muktinath Nepal ,Saligrama sila stone is not found in other Place.

3 -  Does it have the symbol of sudarshana chakra or Marks as well as  other holy Symbol of lord vishnu? 

- Yes mostly Saligrama sila is found in appearance with Sudarshana chakra but Some Saligrama have naturally golden colours marks,different holes,Crystal etc which are rare in nature.Saligrama is also found in shape of sankha,Chakr,Gada,Padma which are lord vishnu four hands, four weapon or symbol carried by lord vishnu in each hand.

4 - What is Hindu Religious Story Behind having Chakra in Saligrama or Marks lines?Is Saligrama is found only inside water? 

- According to Hindu Religious Scripts. Lord Vishnu Himself Said 'Hey BishwaKarma you Make My Saligrama Beautiful Design and Chakra'. From that Time Lord Bishwakarma came in Gandaki river and started making beautiful design,Chakra in Saligrama.It is said that Lord bishwakarma is present in Gandaki river in Form of Insect name as Bajrakeeta(water insects).

Lord Bishwakarma is also Known as God of Artitects,God Engineer ,Designer,Hindu God of Artitecture,God of Furnitures etc. Saligrama is found in Chakra and beautiful marks. Saligrama is mostly found inside Gandaki river where as some in bank of Gandaki river. There is no any Religious story behind on this but Scientifically when water in gandaki river flows hugely ,Some Saligrama move in bank of river.Saligrama inside Gandaki river is consider as very auspiciousness and Good in Comparing to Outer saligrama of Bank of river where different views of devotee is seen. But Spirtually all saligrama is lord vishnu(krishna) ,Saligrama donot have any fault on this.

5 -  Is it a fact that more and Less number of chakras in a Saligrama represnet its significance ?What are Saligrama holes?

Yes ,Saligrama Having One chakra is sudarshan where as 2 chakra is consider as narayan(lord vishnu),3 chakra saligramam- achyut saaligrama - lord achyut sri krishna appears as 3  chakra shaligram,4 chakra is God janardhan Saligrama,5 chakra is God basudeva(krsna) Saligramas. According to some script ,A Saligrama with 7 holes and 14 chakras is known as Ananta Padmanabha Murthy. 2 holes and 4 chakras is Narayana Murthy and so on. All the Murthys are of the same power.But only more than 12 chakra is Ananta.

6 - Where can we Read Some articles on Hindu Religious Script? What is Dwarka Sila and Saligrama sila difference?

- We Can read about Saligrama in all 18 Purans under different contexts. There is some small mythology book found in religious shop where we can read some topic about Saligrama . Only 18 puran and Shastra Described Saligrama Clearly .Only Expert Guru and priest also can described the value and details  of Purana shortly. 

Dwarka sila is Lord Krishna himself. Dwarka sila is found in Dwarka river in india where as saligram is found in nepal,Kali Gandaki river. Dwarka sila is white in appearance where as saligrama in black. It is said that while worshipping Saligrama if any body keep dwarka sila,it is consider as Auspiciousness and can please lord vishnu easily.There is no any thing remain.

7 - Which Saligramam should Madhwas should worship? Can Madhwas can worship big Saligrama?

Abnormal sizes Saligrama should be kept in the Temples/Mutts etc. The size recommended for the puja in the house is smaller Saligramam which can be accommodated in the closed fist.We should not worship abnormal saligrama in house.

8 -  Does We should do daily abhiseck or Snan (Holy Bath) to Saligrama? 

- Yes it is recommended to Bath(snan and abhiseck) Saligrama daily . If Someone who doesnot bath Saligramam should worship saligrama daily or by best we should  try to snan daily . We should also bath which is very good day to bath Saligrama is  in lord vishnu day in week ,every lord vishnu fasting day and special day of month,year etc.

9 - What are types of Saligrama? What are different name of Lord Vishnu Saligrama?

There are different names of saligrama and name of lord vishnu saligrama,which are classified by holes,chakra ,different marks etc. which are describe below - Types of Saligramam are as follows

1. Lakshminarayana Saligrama, 2. Pradhyumna Saligrama, 3. Aniruddah Saligrama, 4. Vasudeva Saligrama,5. Sankarshana Saligrama(Balaram),6. Narasimha Saligrama,7. Lakshmi Narasimha Saligrama. 8. Hayagriva Saligrama, 9. Sudarshana Saligrama, 10. Gadadhara Saligrama,11. Madhusudana Saligrama,12. Lakshminarayana Saligrama,13. Lakshmijanardhana Saligrama,14. Vamana Saligrama,15. Sridhara Saligrama,16. Raghunatha Saligrama,17. Damodara Saligrama,18. Rama Saligrama,19. Rajarajeshwara Saligrama,20. Anantha Saligrama,21.Kurma Saligrama,22.Parshuram Saligrama,23.Varaha Saligrama,24. Krishna Saligrama,25.Buddha saligramam,26. KalkiSaligrama,27.Purshottam Saligrama,28.Santhana Gopal Saligrama ,29.Laddu Gopal saligrama,30.Trivikrama Saligrama.

Others name of lord vishnu(krishna) Saligrama sila

Ananta saligrama sila, Matsya Saligrama,Anirudha Saligrama,Narasimhadeva Saligrama,Chaturmukhi Saligrama shila,Damodara Saligrama,Narayana Saligrama,Devi shaligrama,Padmanabha saligrama,
Gadadhara Saligrama,Paramesthi saligramas,Ganesha Saligrama,Pradyumna Saligramam,Gopala Saligramam,Purushottama Saligramam,Garuda saligramam,Sankarsana saligrama,Hayagriva saligrama,Shesha saligrama, Shivalinga saligram shila,Hiranyagarbha saligrama,Ratna Garva Saligrama,Hrishikesha shaligrama shila ,Sudarsana saligramam,Kapila saligrams,Vaikuntha shaligram,Keshava saligrama sila,Krishna Saligramam,Vishnu-panjara Saligrama murthy,
vishnu saligrama, Yogeshvaran shaligram shila.

10 - What are Benefits and Boon attain by saligrama ?

- Saligrama is lord vishnu himself,One can please and make happy god vishnu if even touch and Darshan Saligrama sila in life.Saligrama worship pleases god vishnu(krishna) and all God/Goddess.

Vaishnava worship the Saligrama the most sacred stone for six values of life, i.e. Righteous living, Wealth, Protection, good health, pleasures and Spiritual happiness. They used to worship Saligrams i.e. Vishnu in an abstract form i.e., God without form as a 'Saligrama'. The use of the Saligrama is similar to the use of 'Lingam' as abstract symbol of Lord Shiva. The Saligram is found in river Gandaki near Muktinath in Nepal. According to the Vaishnava and hindu devotee the Saligrama is the "dwelling place of Lord Vishnu" and any one who keeps it, must worship it daily. He must also adhere to the strict rules such as not touching the Saligrama without bathing, never placing the Saligram on the ground, avoiding non-vaishnavaite (or non-satvic) food and not indulging in the bad practices.

The Lord Krishna himself mentions the qualities of saligram to 'Yudhishtra' in the Mahabharta. Most of the Shaligrama are considered auspicious, some are very sacred, while others are considered to bring good luck, money, peace, sons and so on.

The temples can use any kind of Saligrama in their rituals. The place where the Saligrama stone is found is itself known by that name and is one of the 108 sacred pilgrimage places for the " Vaishnavas" of South india and 'Muktinath divya desam ,Nepal' .In fact such is the auspiciousness of this place that the Puranas mention that any stone from Nepal is equally sacred to Saligrama.

As per Skanda Purana, Padma Purana and other epics, the worshipper of Shree Saligrama knows no  fear and is blessed to attain all desirable things, worldly comforts, good wife, good sons, good health, immense wealth, peaceful environment prevails in his surroundings and he gets immense protection against all evil forces. His all anxieties, mental tension goes off and all ambitions are fulfilled Even the water that has just touched the Saligrama Shila becomes Amrit” and by drinking it "man" is relived of all diseases. Worshipping of Saligrama helps in meditation and attainment of spiritual liberation.One will attain Baikuntha dham(home of lord vishnu) after life circle if some one care and worship saligrama sila ritually and devotionally there is no doubt on this.

11 - What are Puja method or Worshipping process and Mantra of Saligrama?

 - Saligrama pooja process and mantra can be viewed on Mantra and Puja Vidhi.



Jay Sri krishna,Om namo vagvate vasudevaya namah

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