Vasudeva Ghosh (Vasu Ghosh) and his two brothers, Madhava and Govinda, are eternal associates of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Sri Nityananda Prabhu. Fixed in madhurya rasa, they accepted Sri Radhika as their ultimate shelter (ashraya vigraha). The brothers expertly performed sweet melodious kirtans. Whenever they sang, Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda would immeditately dance in ecstasy. Every year they came for Ratha Yatra in Jagannatha Puri. They led the chanting in one of the seven kirtana groups arranged by Lord Caitanya.

Vasudeva Ghosh used his music and song to preach in Bengal. He wrote many Bengali songs about Lord Gauranga which are still sung by devotees. In one he says:

"If Lord Gaura had not appeared in this age of Kali, then how could we tolerate living? He has given the very essence, the very charm of life divine love without which it is impossible to live in this world. Without Caitanya Mahaprabhu how could we ever know that Srimati Radharani reigns supreme in the kingdom of divine love? Having received all these things from Lord Gaura Hari, now we think life is worth living."

In another bhajana Vasudeva Ghosh says, "In Your former lila as Lord Ramacandra, You became famous for constructing a floating bridge of stones across the sea to Sri Lanka. Now in this Kali yuga, You have given us the bridge of Hari Nama sankirtana by which even the lame and blind can cross the sea of birth and death and attain the supreme spiritual happiness." He is Gunatunga-sakhi in Radha Madhava's nitya nikunja vraja lila. His samadhi is in the 64 Samadhis Area.

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